Lana Lynn Mareno

BCMA Registered, Diplomas: MNCS, IIHHT, DSEH(Holistic energy healing therapist), Accredited Counsellor National Counselling Society, Integrative Energy Healing & Body Psychotherapist, Group/Workshop Facilitator


Physical, emotional, and mental imbalances in the human energy field can lead to disease on all levels. 

As an integrative therapist, I continue to draw on skills from many backgrounds since training as a massage therapist in 1987.

Since 2004, I have studied counselling, hypnotherapy, Shamanism, breath work and personal/spiritual development.

Working intuitively with clients especially from marginalised groups and listening to their story to identify their needs, I use different techniques to break down trauma held at a subconscious level with particular emphasis on Inner Child Healing and Core Process Therapy, intuitive listening, Chakra Therapy.


26 Upper Borough Walls Bath BA1 1RH.

127 Wilder Street, St. Pauls, Bristol BS138JW





Mobile: + 44 (0) 7778 932 516