Amadis Cammell


I describe myself as an integral body-centred, relational and spiritual therapist. Whilst I’m experienced in a range of techniques gathered over many years, these are simply tools. My main therapeutic capacity stems from my core. The aim is you get you to also access and centre in your core self, hence find all the necessary innate resources to heal and grow.

Integral Core Therapy (ICT) is a distinct and holistic approach to psychotherapy. What makes it a unique therapeutic proposition is it works on all you: your physical, psychological and spiritual aspects. So you won’t solely deal with your pain but also on realising your innate potential and positive attributes. This includes finding practical ways to deal with day-to-day challenges as well as childhood-based and other historical issues. In effect, you will have a mentor and ally on your internal journey of realisation. I also do couples sessions to bring clarity and resolution to relationships if that is required.
I can be trusted to do this work as I have plenty of experience in working with both myself and others. Over forty years I’ve participated in many one-to-one sessions, workshops and courses. My professional history of working with people reflects the evolution of my work over the years. I have been a teacher/facilitator on a number of therapeutic training courses, including the director of the Integral Core Therapy Practitioner training and the founder of ICTA.

My training has been in interrelated fields of the Human Potential Development; in particular, body-centred and transpersonal psychological therapy. I am a member of the Embodied Relational Therapy Association (ERTA), Body Psychotherapy Network (BPN) and Institute for the Development of Human Potential (IDHP).

I am deeply committed to the work I do. For me, therapeutic psychology and spirituality is as much a vocation as it is a profession.


Amadis works in North London, Lewes, Brighton and Ardingly more details below




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