What Causes Blocks in our Energy?

While doing the three year Energy Healing Training, I was introduced to Amadis Cammell; I have worked with him for over ten years. During this time, I became an Integral Core Therapy Facilitator. For more information about Amadis Cammell and Integral Core Therapy (now known as Inspirit Way Therapy), visit or contact Rosemary

Soul Essence

Blocks in our energy are caused by past minor or major trauma.

This could be anything from constantly being told you were stupid as a child, or more serious physical or sexual abuse. Your parents may have had trauma or abuse in their childhood, which was never healed and they did not realise they were passing this on to their children.

My Personal Story.

At eighteen months I was scalded with boiling tea. I climbed on to a chair to pour my dad a cup of tea while he went to answer the door.

I was rushed to the hospital and placed in a cast and secured in a cot so I could not move.  Parents in the early sixties were not allowed to stay with their children in hospital. I am told I cried all evening and kept the ward awake; the nurses could not console me. As a…

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